Gray hair

by kasperka

After number of street people tried to sell me haircut packages, I finally gave in and made an appointment at the Aveda Institute.

While my lovely hairstylist worked on my hair, I made googly eyes across the room at a guy getting a haircut and listened in on the conversation between the girl next to me and her hairstylist. The girl – all of 25 years old- was recalling her first gray hair.

As long as I remember, I have wanted to be to 30 years old. It’s my goal age … I think I will be better defined as a person by then. As this better defined person, I will be ready to take on life.

Gray hair and wrinkles don’t scare me. They are earned and so with each gray hair and each wrinkle, I will know I have lived a little more.

So, Life, bring it. We have few more years till 30 and I will take everything you throw at me.

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